Q: What is wireUp?

A: WireUp is a collaboration app designed for students. 


Q: Where can i download wireup? 

A: You can currently download WireUp from the App Store. 


Q: I can't find WireUp on the App Store? 

A: WireUp is available in these locations: Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Please make sure you have selected the right country in the App Store. 


Q: Is there an Android version? 

A: There is currently not an Android version available. But we are working hard to develop an Android version of WireUp. 


Q: What is the school-code? 

A: The school-code is a code that you will receive from your given school and that is required to create an account. Choose which school you go to and enter your school-code and you are all set to go. 


Q: I can't find my school? 

A: This means that your school has not signed up for WireUp. Contact our sales team and we will contact your school and make it available for you. 


Q: How can my school become a WireUp member? 

A: Contact us and give us the details of your school. We will sort out the rest. 


Q: I have a problem creating an account? 

A: Make sure you have typed the school-code correctly and chosen the correct school. If that doesn't help, contact us


Q: I have problem signing in? 

A: Make sure you have typed your email and password correctly. 


Q: How do I create a new project? 

A: Click the plus sign in the top right corner. Fill in the information and add your team members by searching for their email. Then simply click Done. 


Q: How do I add a document to my project? 

A: Copy your shareable link from your document and past it in the correct field where it says "add link" and then click Add


A: We are following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We have done everything to ensure that our users can delete all there data if the so wish. We have GDPR register wich can be accessed here. If you have any question regarding how we store your data please contact us here. If you wish your data to be deleted click here.