WireUp - Changing how students collaborate

WireUp is a collaboration app specifically designed for students. 

Students can easily create projects, add members, chat with each other, create tasks, follow the progress and integrate files and documents from third-party 




  • Today students need a simple and easy way to collaborate with each other. A place where they can easily create projects and engage in what really matters, to learn and to collaborate.


  • Is should be easy for students to set up a project, add all the team members and go to work. It should be easy for the whole team to follow the progress of the project and to contribute equally. Everything should be in sync and everything should just work.


  • Set up your project in the way you want and follow the progress from start to finish. While everyone is focusing on their specific task, WireUp will help everyone focus on the big picture and crossing the finish line at the same time as one united team.


  • Enhance your knowledge and collaboration right at your fingertips with WireUp. Keep all your communication and files in one simple to use app. WireUp, Changing How You Collaborate.


WireUp Finland

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WireUp is a proud winner of Taaleri Luola 2018